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Marc Perez
6 days ago
Axon is great. I’m doing an extensive regenerative IV / HBOT sequence to repair some CNS damage from Lyme Disease - precipitated RRMS and have spent many hours here. Everyone is so kind and I’ve been feeling better than ever!...
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Sophie Zbesko
1 week ago
Axon is a great one-stop for all your health and wellness needs. I was going to a chiropractor and physical therapist for years and not seeing immediate results. Being able to get adjusted, get dry-needled, get cupped, and...
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Sarah Dunn
1 week ago
My daughter has been coming for about 3 months. She is less quick to anger and frustration, she is sleeping better because her mind actually shuts off at night. She’s happier and more all around kinder. Her review: it’s really...

Integrative Functional Neurology Clinic in Denver, CO

At Axon Integrative Health, we specialize in treating patients using a multidisciplinary approach. Our team includes two chiropractic physicians including a board-certified functional neurologist and a board-certified acupuncturist, a medical doctor, a nurse practitioner, a paramedic, and support staff. We offer a range of specialties, including chiropractic care, functional neurology, neurofeedback, functional medicine, acupuncture, corrective exercise, and sports medicine therapies. Our goal is to get you back to functioning as soon as possible, whether you're dealing with concussion, spine/joint pain, chronic pain, brain injuries, neurological conditions, or sports injuries. For reliable holistic care in Denver, CO, contact us today!

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